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Supernatural Reading List

The Outlaw Dean Winchester by runedgirl
NC17, ~37K words

Author’s Summary: When Sam and Dean’s loyalty to each other keeps them saying no to Michael and Lucifer, Zachariah sets out to prove that it’s only out of a twisted sense of obligation. That if they weren’t brothers, what would be between the Winchesters would be nothing like love. 

2 years ago on 15 February 2012 @ 9:03pm

What Remains by walkawayslowly
NC-17, ~39K words

The short summary: This is the one where Dean loses his memory and himself, and Sam has to find both.
The back-of-the-book-summary: In Jefferson, Texas a man ends a generations-old curse and saves all the town’s children, but completely loses his memory in the process. When it’s discovered that he’s a wanted criminal, the town comes together to conceal him out of gratitude for what he’s done for them, giving him an apartment, a job and a whole new life. It takes seven months for Sam to find Dean, and when he finally does, he has to adapt to being around a man who has no idea that he used to be Sam’s brother.

2 years ago on 15 February 2012 @ 6:40pm

Welcome to Sunrise Acres by dragonspell
NC-17, ~37K words

Author’s Summary: Situated outside of Phoenix, Arizona, Sunrise Acres boasted of being a quiet, affluent gated community with all the latest amenities: a truly better way of living. With a zero percent crime rate, the only real problem according to residents were the coyotes that sometimes slipped the fence and prowled the neighborhood. Of course, that was before residents started disappearing and the dried out corpses starting piling up in the desert. To hunt the creature responsible, Sam and Dean become the newest couple at Sunrise Acres.

2 years ago on 15 February 2012 @ 2:52pm

Whisper of the Heart by amothea
NC-17, ~31K words

Author’s Summary: In the middle of a case Sam and Dean wake up one morning as Care Bears. 

2 years ago on 15 February 2012 @ 12:58pm 1 note

To Dream, Perchance to Live 
NC-17, ~161K words

Author’s Summary: Jared Padalecki is a Dreamer—a person who can insert himself into other people’s dreams and manipulate them. While asleep, he can watch other people’s fantasies, steal their secrets, and change their minds… all without their knowledge. For eleven years, he’s been owned by Lumoinnovations, a powerful corporation that will stop at nothing to increase their influence and market share. Jared is their secret weapon, kept sound asleep and forced to Dream with people tricked into sleeping nearby while his handlers watch. When his latest assignment goes terribly wrong, resulting in the death of the subject, Jared is discarded as useless, left for dead in an alley.

He is found by Jensen Ackles, a man who is struggling to get over a failed relationship and who has almost given up hope of forging a true Bond with anyone. He has known Dreamers in the past, but none like Jared, who begins to heal under Jensen’s care. When Jared truly wakes up for the first time since he was a child, it is Jensen who helps him find his way. They grow close as Jared gains confidence, and life is good… until Lumoinnovations discovers Jared is still alive and decides they want him back.

tagged   j2 au    angst    long  
2 years ago on 15 February 2012 @ 12:29pm 2 notes

Kant’s Dove by tryfanstone
NC-17, ~34K words

Author’s Summary: In a dystopian paradise angel Inquisitor Samuel and rogue human Dean are uneasy allies. Together, they could knock their world from its foundations, but both of them have secrets to keep. 

2 years ago on 13 February 2012 @ 8:07pm 3 notes

And Heartbreak Ensues by  tinalia 
NC-17, ~75K words

Author’s Summary: Jensen is a newly ‘out of the closet’ gay man ready for his first big gay romance. Jared is everything he never knew he wanted - sexy, carefree and willing to try anything once. Trouble is, Jared doesn’t do relationships.

2 years ago on 13 February 2012 @ 6:13pm

Hit the Ground Crawling by jonny-vrm
NC-17, multi-chapter

Author’s Summary: After Sam pulls Dean out of Hell, Dean stops talking. It takes a week for Sam to convince Dean to open his mouth so Sam can check that his tongue hasn’t been cut out. It takes two weeks for Sam to accept that Dean really isn’t talking. Then it takes a week of silence, the two of them sitting in the Impala like ventriloquist dummies, sitting in motel rooms like human taxidermy, before Sam decides to start talking for the both of them.

Comments: Ugh this one hurt. But so so good. Sam will just make you sob, but I also really loved how in spot-on Dean’s characterization was— without even any words! And the way Sam just yo-yo’s between being depressed, to determined to fix it, and then pissed, and then guilty for being pissed, and then right back to desperately hurting is just so in character and also just so achingly perfect.

2 years ago on 13 February 2012 @ 5:44pm 9 notes

The Billionaire’s Reluctant Husband by house_of_lantis
NC-17, ~101K words

Author’s Summary: Billionaire Jensen is a playboy and he needs a husband pronto if he wants to keep his company and his inheritance. After a chance meeting with quiet and hardworking Jared, Jensen decides that he’s found the perfect candidate. The arrogant Jensen thinks he’s got Jared in the bag, but when his new husband refuses to sleep with him and doesn’t really even seem to like him, Jensen convinces himself that he’s happy with his open marriage lifestyle. But Jensen becomes increasingly obsessed with his new husband and discovers the truth behind Jared’s dark past.

2 years ago on 13 February 2012 @ 5:15pm 1 note

Dictionary for a Dead Language  by britomart_is
NC-17, ~22K words

Author’s summary: Under mysterious circumstances bitterly disputed by the historians, Sam Winchester said yes to Lucifer. Three years later, Lucifer is gone and the familiar landscape that the Winchesters once traversed is a burnt-out ruin of its former self — not to mention the damage done to Lucifer’s vessel. Trapped in a grotesque parody of domestic bliss with a brother he no longer recognizes, a shell-shocked Dean has no reason to believe that happy endings exist for men like the Winchesters.

This is not a happy tale. But it’s (incredibly) beautifully written, and it’s a very interesting take on what post-apocalypse and post-Lucifer Sam could have been. Lots of hurt/comfort goodness. The things I especially enjoyed about this fic are all little ties into canon.

The second time Dean tries to kill his brother is after meeting a woman (tall, with stunning crow’s feet and a creased photograph of two little boys in her wallet) at the local speakeasy and bringing her home. She laughs and pushes him against the front door and the corners of the walls seem less sharp, less brutal. Dean fucks her in his barely-used bed, and the sweat hasn’t even cooled in the small of his back before he’s aching for her to leave so he can go spoon his vegetative ex-Satan little brother. After the door closes behind her, Dean curls up in the better-used bed and tugs the pillow from beneath the body’s head. He presses gently until he can hear the body’s breathing begin to strain. Just the littlest bit. “You wouldn’t have wanted to live like this,” Dean says. He smoothes a hand over the pillow, chasing creases, caressing. He lingers, neither pressing nor pulling away, until his back begins to ache from bowing over the body. “Well, fuck you anyway, you bastard. I don’t care what you would’ve wanted. This is all your fault.” 

The past tense strikes Dean as he’s tucking the pillow back beneath the body’s head. Dean couldn’t kill Sam even if he really wanted to, because this thing lying here isn’t Sam. There hasn’t been a Sam in years. 

Dean takes the pillows out of the bedroom for a few weeks and lets them both sleep with stiff necks until the temptation passes. 

3 years ago on 25 March 2011 @ 12:13pm 1 note