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Supernatural Reading List

God Made Boston On A Wet Sunday by balefully
NC-17, 8.7K words

Author’s Summary: Sam and Dean live in an apartment in Boston while John is away on a hunt. Money is scarce, so Dean picks up a particularly slutty part-time job. Sam finds out.

2 years ago on 15 February 2012 @ 7:38pm

Every Piece Will Find Its Place by balefully
NC-17, ~4,5K words

Author’s Summary: Dean is badly injured on a hunt and Sam turns to his old money-making standby: prostitution. Dean is not impressed.

2 years ago on 15 February 2012 @ 1:55pm

Pretending Is Who We Are by bewaretheides15
NC-17, ~8K words
Author’s Summary: Jared may be one of the most renowned Doms at the escort service, but he has needs nobody would suspect, least of all his roommate. 

2 years ago on 5 January 2012 @ 1:39pm 1 note

Fic: Full Service Firm

Full Service Firm by rivkat

NC-17, short multi-chapter

Author’s Summary: see prompt—sex work, deception. Prompt: Jensen’s ego is stinging four weeks after being dumped by his long time boyfriend. He’s been turning down guys left and right because, while he wouldn’t mind some nice, no-strings-attached sex, he’s more than a little scared of any kind of rejection. Enter the hot guy in the expensive suit who’s been drinking the bar’s best all night. Jensen nearly swallows his tongue when hot guy sidles up and says he’ll pay double Jensen’s going rate if he agrees to leave right the fuck now. Jensen’s more than a little peeved that the guy thinks he’s a hooker, but when he names an outrageous price off the top of his head, and the guy agrees without blinking an eye, he feels all his insecurities vanish. At least until a few months later when he realizes he may be in love with his one and only regular.

An accidental-hooker fic. John!Jared is so damn bossy with Jensen… it made me both laugh and hotter than all fuck. Oh, and did I mention Jared is porntastically insatiable? It’s like he wants to really get his money’s worth.  

3 years ago on 16 January 2011 @ 12:57pm 5 notes

Do I Seem Bulletproof To You?

When he can’t find any acting work, Jared takes a job as driver and bodyguard to Jensen, who is an extremely expensive prostitute with a bad habit of attracting crazy people.

4 years ago on 28 September 2010 @ 1:12pm