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Supernatural Reading List

The Third Third by insane-songbird
R, ~55K words

Author’s Summary: Being a Texas boy Jared Padalecki couldn’t care less about ice hockey. So Jared is slightly lost, when his new roommate Chad is the biggest fan on campus. But when he gets to tutor the most infamous player of the college team, things start to get downright scary. Jensen Ackles has a reputation for aggression control problems and Jared has no idea how to get through the semester without either falling for the handsome man or ending up in a fistfight he’d be sure to lose.

2 years ago on 15 February 2012 @ 10:56am 9 notes

Topspin by lazy-daze
NC-17, ~50K words

Author’s Summary: Defending Wimbledon champion and world No. 1 tennis player Jensen Ackles is determined to hang on to his title, no matter how good Jared Padalecki, rising star on the tennis scene, thinks he is. With Padalecki’s new reckless style, explosive power and natural grace pitted against Jensen’s own beautifully strategic, strong and watertight game - all that’s for sure is that this is going to be one Wimbledon final match not to be missed. With a media-painted rivalry turning into a mutual dislike that’s almost as explosive as the badly-hidden attraction sparking in the air, there’s more than a tennis ball flying between them.

2 years ago on 14 February 2012 @ 12:29pm 3 notes

Thin Line Between (Love and Hate) by strippedpink
NC-17, ~4K words 

Author’s Summary: written for prompt: Jensen/Jared; It’s been a hard day on set. Jensen is exhausted, cold and cranky. Jared decides to take him home and make him feel better. Established (but secret) relationship, please.

2 years ago on 13 February 2012 @ 7:39pm

And Heartbreak Ensues by  tinalia 
NC-17, ~75K words

Author’s Summary: Jensen is a newly ‘out of the closet’ gay man ready for his first big gay romance. Jared is everything he never knew he wanted - sexy, carefree and willing to try anything once. Trouble is, Jared doesn’t do relationships.

2 years ago on 13 February 2012 @ 6:13pm

The Billionaire’s Reluctant Husband by house_of_lantis
NC-17, ~101K words

Author’s Summary: Billionaire Jensen is a playboy and he needs a husband pronto if he wants to keep his company and his inheritance. After a chance meeting with quiet and hardworking Jared, Jensen decides that he’s found the perfect candidate. The arrogant Jensen thinks he’s got Jared in the bag, but when his new husband refuses to sleep with him and doesn’t really even seem to like him, Jensen convinces himself that he’s happy with his open marriage lifestyle. But Jensen becomes increasingly obsessed with his new husband and discovers the truth behind Jared’s dark past.

2 years ago on 13 February 2012 @ 5:15pm 1 note

If I recall correctly, you mentioned a Conflict of Interests by strippedpink
NC-17, ~40K words>

Author’s Summary: The first rule of gaming is, you never fall for the competition.

2 years ago on 13 February 2012 @ 4:18pm 1 note

Lika A Boss by annella
NC-17, ~5K words

Author’s Summary: Jensen is the hottest asshole Jared’s ever met. Unfortunately, he’s Jared’s boss.

2 years ago on 13 February 2012 @ 3:22pm 3 notes

Aural by lazy-daze
NC-17, ~ 20.4K words

Author’s Summary:In which there is phonesex, blackmail and drama.

2 years ago on 13 February 2012 @ 12:58pm

Off the Script by jasmasson
NC17, ~22K words

Author’s Summary: Jensen Ackles was the porn industry’s leading star for years, until Jared Padalecki came along. Jensen’s world-weary and disillusioned. Jared’s… not.

Comments: ohgod this is one of my all time favorite they hate each other and then practically comust from all the hate UST. AND SO MUCH OF IT HAPPENS ONSCREEN WHILE THEY’RE FILMING TEH GAYSECKS. If you haven’t read this one, then you haven’t really lived vicariously through j2 fic.

2 years ago on 13 February 2012 @ 11:59am

Alpha Pack by house_of_lantis

Author’s Summary: Jensen is the straight-laced by-the-book pack Alpha for the Dallas werewolves. Jared is a wild and reckless werewolf under house arrest and forced to take Jensen’s Beta collar. Will Jensen see beyond Jared’s wild ways to be his true mate; and will Jared see beyond the collar as anything but slavery?

2 years ago on 12 February 2012 @ 12:58pm

Really, Really Ridiculously Good-Looking by dragonspell
NC-17, ~10K words

Author’s Summary: The world liked to think that if someone was really, really good-looking, then that person wouldn’t have any problems at all but the world was wrong. Really, really wrong. Jensen Ackles, the world’s top model, is sick of Jared Padalecki stealing his rightfully earned spotlight. He just wants Jared to take his llama and his cock-a-whatever and go home but, because of sick twist of fate, Jensen is stuck shooting an ad with his rival for the eccentric designer MiSHA. (Zoolander j2)

2 years ago on 11 February 2012 @ 4:46pm 2 notes

Three Hail Lucifers and One Misplaced Halo
NC-17, ~6K words

Author’s summary: a mixed party of angels and demons ends up with an unconventional hook-up between jensen, the punisher and Jared, the angel who dyed his wings black. afterwards there’s a legal issue, and lucifer makes a compromise. a halo ends up getting misplaced in the proceedings.

Comments: omg the awkwardness of angel!Jared and demon!Jensen as the workaholic demon is just OHMYFUCKINGHNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNG

2 years ago on 11 February 2012 @ 4:37pm 3 notes

This Hell We’ve Made by bewaretheides15
NC-17,  multi-chapter 

Author’s Summary: Except for the fact that they were both born with remarkable superhuman abilities, and a seething mutual dislike, Jared and Jensen have nothing in common. Turns out, though, that they may also be the only ones who can save each other from themselves. 

2 years ago on 28 January 2012 @ 11:36am 27 notes

there’s a piece of a puzzle known as life by strippedpink 
NC-17, ~26K words
Author’s Summary: Sometimes you just can’t help yourself.

Comments: This is the one where Jared’s in high school, and his older brother brings his college roommate Jensen when he comes back home during break. Mmmmm. Yup.

2 years ago on 5 January 2012 @ 6:44pm 2 notes

Let us in! by  standing-fic 
R,~37K words

Author’s Summary: Jensen’s been doing this shit way too long. If it weren’t for a vicious burning love for schizophrenics, manic depressives, and the pervasively paranoid, Jensen would have ditched his counseling job a long time ago. 

Enter Jared - a headstrong, noble rookie who needs to be shown the ropes, and takes to Jensen like he’s just found a new religion. Jensen and the rest of the counselors (Mike, Alona, Danneel, Kristen, Katie, Misha, and Chris) quickly find out that Jared doesn’t deal well with some of the things their boss has been throwing at them, and suddenly Jensen finds himself trying to keep Jared from steamrolling over all the hard work and dedication they’ve given to their clients.

Trouble is, Jared’s just trying to do what’s right, and now Jensen’s got to face some questions he’s been avoiding for far too long.

2 years ago on 5 January 2012 @ 5:54pm